Ever wanted to go camping but not sure if you can rough it out in the jungle? Want to go on a holiday but bored of staying at hotels? Let us introduce you to “glamorous camping”!

“Glamorous camping”, otherwise known as Glamping, is a global trend which offers holidaygoers a chance to be with the great outdoors without having to sacrifice modern comforts (read: 5-star luxury comforts). Or sacrifice their sanity while trying to adjust to the great outdoors. Whichever way you want to think of it. And it’s coming to Malaysia!

The first of its kind will arrive in the Teluk Bahang-Balik Pulau area in Penang. The Glamping site, the first in the country, will be called “Boulder Valley Glamping Resort”. The RM7 million project will be developed on an 22-acre site will be undertaken by Amazing Discovery Sdn Bhd, and will take in its first guests in 2 years.

An artist impression of Boulder Valley Glamping Resort - Image courtesy of Amazing Discovery
An artist impression of Boulder Valley Glamping Resort – Image courtesy of Amazing Discovery

According to executive director Lee Woon Poom:

There will be 45 “tented camps” that come with attached bathrooms, along with a treetop restaurant, a campfire site and a 100m suspended bridge. Giant boulders on a 1.2ha site will be retained because of their spectacular formation. Even more spectacular is that the resort will be housed amidst flora, fauna, streams and secondary forests. All these will give our guests a unique and amazing experience.

We will not harm nature and will be careful with the greenery and giant boulders. Pathways and tents will be designed and constructed in a way that will not spoil the environmental characteristics of the site.

She also added that guests would be discouraged from television and music in an effort to sustain the serenity of the environment. “We hope campers will enjoy the sounds of nature – chirping birds, clicking cicadas, running stream water and breeze wafting through,” she said.

On another note, while “Boulder Valley Glamping Resort” is Malaysia’s first Glamping resort, there’s one other place that provides a venue for the upscale camping experience that you so desire.

Located at Bentong Town in Pahang, Caravan Serai is an exclusive eco-conscious resort that takes you right into the adventures of being in the great outdoors. From tropical terrains to activities such as ATV rides, jungle trekking, and more, they’ve got the recreational facilities readily accessible to cater to your glamping experience.

Caravan Serai has 7 Safari Tents and other types of accommodation such as 10 villaes and 30 suites. We hear that each luxury private villa comes with private plunge pool surrounded by tropical landscape.

For more information, visit Caravan Serai’s Facebook page. For further enquiries/reservation kindly call +603 79723655.

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