#MIMSForHumanity – Time to Make a Stand


Martin Luther King Jr. once said “the ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by good people” and with that in mind, a group of Malaysian musicians banded together to take a stand for humanity. Understanding that music is a medium that can inspire a burst of various emotions, this group of musicians believe that if music is created with a cause in mind, it can lead to many things including initiating a public awareness about the issues faced in our world today.



The recent years have not been filled with a great deal of good, Malaysia alone faced an exceptionally rough year this 2014. Remembering that, #MIMSforhumanity represents a non-political movement that is made up of local independent acts standing up against brutal regimes while at the same time instilling a sense of empathy in resistance to human suffrage regardless of nationality, race, and religion.

In hopes of carrying this powerful message to the public via music, the Malaysian Independent Music Scene (MIMS) For Humanity movement has been slated as a strictly non-profit organisation and all proceeds garnered will be directed to support various human rights organisations.


The initial steps for the #MIMSforhumanity movement is the release of the single fronted by the eight local acts: AZUREFORJANNE, Blister, Kyoto Protocol, Massacre Conspiracy, MuddMonkee, Roshan Jamrock (of K-town Clan), Sayla (of Dose Two) and Shake N’ Bake.

Inspired by all the issues cropping up, executive producer Sher ‘bflat’ Mohamed started this movement with the help of Farique Nadzir (Producer) and Adah Kahir (Lyricist and Composer) to compose “Make Your Stand”, accompanied by a music video shot by Tiny Rex Productions, and photography by Faiz AR.

Reminding us Malaysians that we can come together for a greater good, the result of #MIMSForHumanity can be seen below.


Check out what the BTS shots below:

For more of #MIMSForHumanity, check out its website and like its Facebook page.

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