What? You want the LEGO “The Simpsons” home? Please, our recent finding had proven that a LEGO town of Springfield’s is the only way to go!

Illinois-based graphic designer Matt De Lanoy loves The Simpsons so much that he has decided to devote his time and effort into recreating the town of Springfield’s most iconic buildings. Oh, we need to mention that he did it with LEGO. Can you imagine the buildings like Ned Flander’s house, Moe’s Tavern, the Kwik-E-Mart, and Krusty Burger in colourful block forms?

Here, let us give you an idea:

simpsons LEGO springfield 2
Source: Matt De Lanoy’s Flickr

The impressive display includes proper signages crafted by Matt De Lanoy himself, to accompany each locale. He even added some special touches such as LEGO minifigs of Homer, Mager, and even Bart riding on his skateboard to complete his masterpiece.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of The Simpsons and only The Simpsons, or LEGO and only LEGO, you’re going to love looking at the details. As for us, we’re a fan of both The Simpsons and LEGO so Matt De Lanoy, if you’re reading this, take our money!

More pictures of Matt De Lanoy’s LEGO Springfield town here:

* Pictures from Matt De Lanoy’s Flickr.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out internationally acclaimed photographer Jeff Friesen’s #Bricksy, a LEGO interpretation of street artist Banksy’s famous art pieces. And if you’re as neurotic as we are, you might want to make travel plans to go to LEGOLAND Malaysia in September this year for this LEGO Star Wars miniland.

Because, you know, everything is awesome.


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