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“An open letter to Mrs. Carter..”, the YouTube description says.

YesLIVcan, as she likes to call herself, is a female rapper that has recently been linked with Jay Z. Not only is the alleged mistress “sorry not sorry” about the accusation, she has decided to capitalise on the recent Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumours. She released a music video doing what most women would never ever dream of doing – dissing Beyonce aka Queen Bey.


Oh, and dissing Jay Z too, of course.

YesLIVcan Jay Z Beyonce Diss

The song is titled, “Sorry Ms Carter”, which borrows the instrumental version of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson”. In it, YesLIVcan raps about how she almost became Jay Z’s mistress but stopped before “things got physical”. She also goes on to say how they’ve “never screwed” although they had an intimate relationship and “connected on some hip hop shit”. A lot of the words contain references to Beyonce’s songs and Jay Z’s songs, and she uses them against the superstars in her lyrics.

It all begins with, “I was gonna respect you, but since you crossed over into my lane, it’s time to check you. Your man? He likes all natural, flawless model chicks like me..”:


Neither Jay Z nor Beyonce have commented on the song or music video. And we don’t know what YesLIVcan’s problem with Beyonce really is considering the fact that she proudly rapped about “stepping out of Jay Z’s life”. We’re assuming she was the one who chose out?

Gurl, we wouldn’t mess with Beyonce if we were you. After all, they don’t call her Queen Bey for nuthin’. Don’t y’all agree?

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