Sure, any Apple/iPhone fan must’ve been waiting at the edge of the seats since the first leaked-yet-kinda-legit pictures of the iPhone 6 surfaced. But apparently, not just Apple/iPhone fans got word of it.

You may or may not know by now that the iPhone 6 looks like it’ll be sporting a larger screen. At least according to one of the leaked images:

Jimmy Lin iPhone 6


Having said that, no one actually knows for sure if this is the iPhone 6 that Apple will be announcing in September.

Last year, when Jimmy Lin leaked images of the iPhone 5C, he got it quite spot on. After the iPhone 5C was officially announced, Nokia immediately took a jab at the tech giant:

Ooh, ouch.

This time around, another tech company has decided to take a jab at Apple upon hearing rumours of the iPhone 6’s “new change”. Yes, it’s none other than Samsung. The company released a new commercial titled, “Galaxy S 5 — Screen Envy”, which shows a man excitedly telling his friend about the rumours of the upcoming iPhone 6’s screen size. His enthusiasm is crushed when his friend, who is glued to a Galaxy S5, asks, “This hasn’t happened yet?”



Ooh, ouch. Again.

This is of course not the first time that Samsung has taken jabs at Apple. After all, they’re quite open about being rivals. In fact, earlier this month, they released another commercial, “Galaxy S 5 — Wall Huggers” to mock the iPhone’s questionable battery life. Pretty cleverly done ads without being outrightly insulting, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, let’s see if Apple will really be announcing the supposed iPhone 6 (that Jimmy Lin leaked pictures of) in September. Start the countdown!

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