The news of Malaysia Airlines’ #MH17 crash first broke out on the Internet when the leading news portals flooded the timeline with the breaking news.

Now, because we live in a very fast-paced society, people are prompted to acquire information as soon as they can, even if they are false information.

Source: Singapore Airlines' Twitter
Source: Singapore Airlines’ Twitter

Thus, it is common to see some people including celebrities and media icons getting slammed for posting insensitive remarks or false reports on their social media sites. Although there weren’t any ill intentions, poor phrasing of words have caused some grief especially to the people who were affected by the tragedy.


Even Singapore Airlines triggered some rage from netizens.

Sure, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but we are responsible for our opinions as well the information we share online. So, how do you make sure that you are sharing the right information on the Internet? Perhaps these social media guidelines could be a good start for you:

Genovasi Social Media guideline
Source: Genovasi

Posted by Genovasi Malaysia, the design thinking school created this infographic in hopes of educating people on the correct ways of using social media. The infographic focuses on the importance of sharing correct and relevant information to avoid unnecessary spreading of rumours, hate, or worse, Internet war.

In light of the recent accusation against an innocent Facebook user Sim Kwang Yung Sim, it is also important to note that people should understand the situation and verify the information at hand before spreading it. True story!

So, what other ways we can do to spread positivity on the Internet? The best we can do is, of course, posting heartfelt supportive messages for everyone who had been affected by the tragedy.

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