Uh oh. YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan may have gotten the best out of her YouTube career life, what with all the advertisers and endorsements, but it seems that lawsuit might just put a lid on it.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that a lawsuit has been filed against Michelle Phan for illegally using Kaskade’s music (under Ultra Records) for her beauty tutorial videos. On top of that, the record label is demanding to take every penny of her videos as she has been profiting from making beauty tutorial videos with any tracks under Ultra Records.


For the past 7 years, Michelle Phan has been posting beauty tutorial videos and is one of the most popular YouTubers with more than 150 millions views and 6.6 million followers on her YouTube channel. The YouTube star has even created her own cosmetics line, Em-Cosmetics due to her successful online career.

Regarding the lawsuit, DJ Kaskade has voiced out his opinion via a series of tweets and concluded that he couldn’t do much about the lawsuit except support her..uhm, verbally (read: Twitter).

Kaskade copyright tweet

The DJ has previously posted on Twitter about Soundcloud pulling 70% of the content (including “Atmosphere) he had housed on their site as well. In this case, he wrote in a blog post that he knew he had no right in owning his music ever since he signed with Ultra.

In his post, he said:

When I signed with Ultra, I kissed goodbye forever the rights to own my music. They own it. And now Sony owns them. So now Sony owns my music. I knew that going in. Soundcloud is beholden to labels to keep copyright protected music (read: all music put out by a label, any label) off their site unless authorised by the label.

What? Even the artistes themselves face the same dilemma when it’s their own music?

So, what’s your take on this case of copyright infringement? Sound off your comments below!

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