No magic for Deorro.

Photo via EDM Tunes
Photo via EDM Tunes

Uh oh! It looks like Deorro didn’t feel the magic when he attended the first weekend of Tomorrowland. The American DJ lost his cool over food tokens and decided lash out about Tomorrowland’s greedy ethics on Twitter. Unhappy with the way his manager was treated not given a food token, Deorro went on a full on rage which caused quite a stir!

The DJ was so angry that it even came to a point where he even refused to perform at Tomorrowland all together. Of course, to no surprise, full-time DJ and part time troll master, Deadmau5, got word of Deorro’s rant and decided to butt in. And quite frankly, Tomorrowland fans may just have to thank Deadmau5’s for how things unravelled from his response. Deorro eventually apologised to his fans and took the stage to give his fans an epic set at Tomorrowland after all the drama.


Here’s what went down on Twitter:

Deadmau5, who got word of Deorro’s rant starts his trolling.

Deadmau5’s words seemed to have really affected Deorro because the American DJ had a change of heart right away.

At the end of it all, the fans got to see Deorro play an amazing set so all’s well that ends well, we guess!

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