You’ve already heard that EXO’s (now ex-member) Kris was rumoured to be in an upcoming Chinese movie, “Somewhere Only We Know”. It appears that the rumours were indeed true. This is because some images have already begun to circulate on the interwebs. Images that feature Kris wearing a suit alongside three other “Somewhere Only We Know”!

From what we’ve heard, the movie will be based on the romantic endeavours of a career woman and star other rookie actors, although Kris will play the male lead. It was previously reported that filming was going to start on 24th June in Prague, Czech Republic. So, we’re guessing that these pictures were taken in Prague, Czech Republic.

Kris Weibo


The images were posted via the film’s director Xu Jing Lei’s Weibo, and then shared by Kris via his own Weibo. Well, the cat’s out of the bag, peeps!

Check out this gallery for more pictures:

What do you fans think about the pics? Also, we do wonder how that lawsuit is coming along.

Meanwhile, “Somewhere Only We Know” is expected to hit theatres on Valentine’s Day next year. We gotta admit that we really, really do want to watch the film!


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