Remember that time when Taiwanese teen heartthrob Jimmy Lin (Lam Chi Wing) leaked images of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C via Chinese social networking site Weibo to his millions of Weibo feed subscribers? And remember how those pictures proved to be exactly what the tech giant launched the phones a month later?

Well, it looks like he has gone and done it again.

Jimmy Lin Leaks iPhone 6 Pics


The actor-singer celebrity posed for the camera holding what is believed to be Apple’s upcoming yet still unreleased iPhone 6. Unreleased and unseen until he went ahead to flaunt the pictures, that is. For some reason, in some of the pictures, Jimmy is shown repairing an iPhone 5S with a shattered display and right next to it is the 5.5” iPhone 6.

Although the alleged iPhone 6 is turned off, you can clearly see the changed position of the physical buttons with the volume keys on the left and the power/lock key being on the right. It also looks like it has the iPad mini-like design with curvier edges.

Jimmy Lin iPhone 6 Leaked

Complete list of iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 changes (that can be seen) are such as:

  • Metal back
  • Increased screen size
  • Rounded edges
  • Reduced thickness
  • Reduced bezel size
  • Retained Home button
  • Side mounted power button

The only reason why Apple fans, tech fans, and Jimmy Lin fans are taking this seriously is because he got the previous leak down pat. So, if the pictures are really legit, then it confirms that the iPhone 6 appears to be closer to the latest iPad mini than its predecessor and would make it Apple’s most radically redesigned iPhone to date.

Jimmy Lin iPhone 6

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Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to be announced in September this year.


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