A few days ago, the world’s #1 DJ, Hardwell, took to New York’s Times Square to announce his newest set of dates for his upcoming “I Am Hardwell” tour. But before that, Hardwell and Elite Daily teamed up to punk some fans and random tourists in the vicinity. These unsuspecting people on the streets were asked if they knew what EDM was. Some were even asked who their favourite DJ was and if they knew who Hardwell was.

Hardwell remained cool (and hidden behind a pair of shades) throughout the entire time despite being told (and trolled), “Avicii is my favourite DJ!” and “David Guetta is my favourite DJ!”. There was even an occasion where a fan quite literally mashed up Hardwell’s name with another popular DJ’s and called him by the wrong name. Let’s not forget that some didn’t even have a clue who Hardwell was. Nope. Zilch. Nada.

Watch as epic hilarity ensued:


For more information on Hardwell’s “I Am Hardwell” Tour, hit up this website.

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