Still buzzing from his impressive achievements in the past year or so, Zedd is riding on another adrenaline high. During an interview with Billboard at Bonnaroo, he revealed that the highly-anticipated follow-up to his Grammy-winning debut album, “Clarity”, is well underway.

In fact, he has already written 80% of the songs for his next album! He gushed:

Probably half of the songs are just piano and vocals at this point. That’s kind of the first part of the song. And then I have to start producing them. That’s what takes time because you want to make sure not everything sounds the same. The most important thing is the music, and that is written for the most part.

Source: Rukes
Source: Rukes

But he didn’t stop gushing there. Zedd also elaborated on the collaborations that he has secured and that we can expect to hear in the new album. While some of them are high-profile names, Zedd stopped at nothing to do his “Zedd thing” and include what he thinks are the next big things.

“I love the idea of finding artistes that no one knows and giving them the spotlight. I’ve found a girl who has an absolutely incredible voice who I’d never hear of before. The other half of artistes will be ones that I’ve always wanted to work with. There’s going to be a few really, really exciting collaborations that I don’t want to spoil. A lot of artistes that I’ve wanted to work with for so long, and now I finally get the chance,” he said.

Watch the interview here:

No news on the release date yet but it probably won’t be much longer now. What do you think his new album will sound like since, you know, he’s such a forward-thinker and musical genius and all that jazz? Do you think he’ll pull another “Spectrum” or “Clarity” on this one? Discuss in the comments!

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