Rather than going out to enjoy the weekend, some of us would rather spend the entire weekend binge-watching an entire season of TV series that we missed. But once we’re done with a season, the satisfaction that comes with the completion is usually immediately drowned by what we’d like to call, “A TV Series Hangover”. And with every TV series it’s wash, rinse, and repeat.

So call us TV addicts or whatever you want, but nothing is worse than watching a TV series we love but then it ends up being cancelled! While most cancelled TV series are due to poor writing and low ratings, some got us are still hook on the interesting plots and brilliant casts.

We can’t fathom the fact that they were cancelled so we decided to share our pain our favourite list of cancelled TV series. Coach potatoes, this list of TV series is for you, then you’ll realise how they deserve a revival!


1. Community


Genre: Sitcom

Of course, “Community” has to be in the list of the cancelled TV shows that we miss! Shame on you if you have not watched it, because this show is totally worth binge-watching and has the funniest people ever. It was sad that they decided to cancel this show after it was aired for five seasons. There wasn’t a single episode of the show that we would miss and if even there was, we totally don’t mind watching the show from the first episode again! Well, there goes our weekends.

2. Pushing Daisies

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy

Bryan Fuller has never failed to amaze us with his shows. Without us being biased here, this show totally deserves a revival because it was fun, quirky and just…visually pleasing. By visually pleasing, we mean it’s a show filled with beautiful cinematography, colourful visuals and umm…Lee Pace. Okay, forget about Lee Pace but this show tells the cutest love story we have ever seen! Love story aside, we love the fact it’s completely original and gives a fresh twist. A touch that will bring dead people back to life? We hope someone can give this show “a touch of life” too, please.


3. Almost Human

Almost Human Cancelled

Genre: Action/Sci-fi

It was only shown for a single season and surprisingly, this show just kept getting better with time. Sadly, the show was cancelled too soon and now left with a cliffhanger ending. The futuristc show may remind you of “Robocop” or “The Terminator” but it delivers an interesting story line between the police officers and the highly evolved human-like androids. With Kennex, the human police officer and his android sidekick, Dorian, trying to battle soaring crime in the futuristic world, this show is packed with all the needed action scenes at the right timing. And trust us, it won’t make you look at robots the same way again.

4. Intelligence


Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-fi

There are a lot of sci-fi TV series we enjoyed watching and most of them are filled with unexplainable events and enticing plots. But for “Intelligence”, the show focuses on the technology more than the intelligent operative with super-computer microchip implants in his brain. The series can be a bit slow but overall it’s watchable. A revival of the show would be great because we see that it has huge potential with great concept and maybe some plot twists would get us excited for the show again!

5. My Name is Earl

Genre: Sitcom

The show is funny, well-written and Jason Lee absolutely did an amazing job delivering his character as Earl! In the show, Jason Lee played a petty criminal, Earl, who realised that his bad luck is the result of karma and decided to correct all his wrongs from the past. Just like “Pushing Daisies”, the show was axed abruptly due to the poor ratings caused by writers’ strike. It was a great show that didn’t deserve a cliffhanger ending but the creator of the show did discuss about the season’s finale in Reddit AMA.

So, there you go. Which TV series do you miss the most and think they deserve a revival too? Let us know in the comment box below! On a lighter note, we are glad some of the cancelled TV series such as Heroes & Veronica Mars are coming back soon!

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