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With less than a month to go to the biggest party in Malaysia, Future Music Festival Asia 2014, the Hype Malaysia team are nothing but stoked and ready to party! Revealing the biggest lineups to date, this year FMFA presents #ASOT650, Deadmau5, Deniz Koyu, Will Sparks, Pharrell Williams, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Rudimental, Knife Party and many more! Among some of the local heroes set to get the crowd going crazy during FMFA 2014 are Dangerdisko featuring Sheila Majid, BATE, Goldfish & Blink, DJ Bunga, RTB and more!


Okay, so we know we are psyched for FMFA 2014 and we wondered how the celebrities were feeling so we spoke to none other than Dato’ Sheila Majid and Robotron 5000 of Dangerdisko on their upcoming collaboration and preparation for FMFA 2014.

Datuk Sheila Majid & Dangerdisko

Dangerdisko performed for FMFA 2013, what was that like?

Oh yes, yes! We played at the main stage and we opened for Kyoto Protocol and Temper Trap. It was exhilarating to say the least. It was a crazy upgrade from playing for a crowd of maybe a thousand to two thousand people to twenty, maybe forty thousand people! It was amazing!

That’s wonderful! I understand you have a new album, Hedonism, coming up, what inspired the album?

Well Hedonism is inspired by heartbreak, as all best albums usually are. Haha! We, Malaysians love a good heartbreak song, don’t we? So what we did was, we tried to merge a very sad subject which is heartbreak with disco, which is upbeat and fun. It’s something very experimental but it translates really well and the album is a storyline driven album so it’s like a movie from start to finish. Each song, is a chapter of it’s own.

And the album is set for release this year?

Yes, hopefully!


What about the collaborations – what inspired them?

Well for Dangerdisko, it was actually during Urbanscapes 2012 where we were playing and where Dato’ Sheila was headlining. And we have always been inspired by Dato’ Sheila and we wanted to do something special so we created a bootleg version of Sinaran at clubs and it gained notoriety which led to Dato’ Sheila’s stylist and friend uniting us together to work together on a reworked version of Sinaran which will be released at Future Music Festival Asia 2014.

And what is it like working together?

Dato Sheila: I think it’s been quite fun and easy! They’ve probably has had some sleepless nights. Haha! For me I like doing this because I feel like I’ve reached a ceiling here in Malaysia, like there’s only so much I can do and somehow or another everything just clicked by chance and here we are, working on a brand new  thing.

Robotron 5000: It was a surreal moment for me. I’ve been doing this since 2001 but every time I talk to my mom about performing at festivals and clubs, she okay with it but the moment I told her I was working on a collaboration with Sheila Majid she got so excited and she started taking photos and showing it to our relatives. It’s nice, it’s really nice!

What about you Dato Sheila, any future plans – upcoming album?

Yes, actually. I enjoy performing and making music so yes, there’s a new album in the makes. I’ve just recorded my first single which hopefully will be released by mid 2014. It’s so difficult to come up with songs for a full album so I’m going to drop singles first.

What can fans expect from Dangerdisko featuring Sheila Majid at FMFA 2014?

Dato Sheila: We can’t tell you because then it won’t be a surprise! Haha. But let’s put it this way, Dangerdisko is the only Malaysian act set to perform on the main stage at prime time this year so fans can be sure that we are not going to let them down.

Apart from FMFA, what else are you looking forward to this 2014?

Dato Sheila: To launch this! The bootleg has been number one for two weeks so I’m excited to launch this!

Robotron 5000: Yeah, to launch this and we are planning to do the music video and hopefully to attract a wider market after releasing it. I’m really excited for the rework, hopefully it’s more appealing to the masses — younger and older market. Dangerdisko is also looking forward to work with more local artist.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today and I look forward for the rework of Sinaran at FMFA 2014!

For more information on Future Music Festival Asia 2014, visit them on Facebook or on their website.

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