Recently, “In Touch” magazine claimed that they have exclusively obtained the late Robert Kardashian’s handwritten diaries from his widow, Ellen Kardashian, whom he married two months before he died of esophageal cancer in 2003.

The entries, dated throughout 1989 and 1990, paints a sad story of Kim’s, Kourtney’s, and Khloé’s childhoods, as well as a not-so-favourable picture of Kris Jenner.


24th August 1989: “Kris was kicking and beating her and she said she was going to kill Kim! Kim was hysterical.”


15th December 1989: “Todd drove up to the back gate and parked. He went in the house and slept in my bed. Khloé & Robert were in the house. She (Kris) doesn’t leave a number in case of emergency. She doesn’t care! She left the kids and screwed all night!”

25th December 1989: “Kris couldn’t get her act together to spend Christmas with her children. I was home alone with four kids. I put them to bed and played with them.”

Ellen confirmed the authenticity of the journals and told “In Touch” magazine, “These are authentic handwritten journals I have shared, that my late husband Robert Kardashian so carefully wrote during 1989 and 1990 at a most trying and touching time of his life. They are my personal possessions and he left them to me on his passing.”

However, the Kardashians have gotten word about the alleged journals and are slamming Ellen right back in her face. Both Kim and Khloé have taken to Twitter to express their apparent “disgust” over the “false news”. Needless to say, Ellen has been repeatedly branded a liar by Khloé loud and clear via Twitter and Kim, too, hasn’t been exactly the kindest on her own Twitter account:

Sorry, Ellen. The truth is, nobody messed with the Kardashians. Not when they are only so many of them.


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