Early this morning, the police have confirmed that the boy whose body was found near the Kampung Sungai Sireh jetty is indeed that of the missing boy, William Yau Zhen Zhong. The DNA samples provided by William’s parents, Yau Kok Yang and Goh Ying Ying matched the specimen taken from the body.

According to Subang Jaya OCPD Assistant Commissioner, Yahaya Ramli, “It is a preliminary report but it is enough to ascertain the body found was William’s. Full post-mortem results will be obtained in two weeks. The body will be released to the family today for funeral arrangements.”

William’s parents arrived at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang about an hour ago to claim his body. They were seen carrying joss sticks and an effigy. Earlier in the morning, prayers for William were conducted at the spot in Sungai Sireh where the body was found. The family is said to be taking William’s body to the Bukit Jelutong crematorium in Malacca. (Source)


Meanwhile, police are re-examining all the evidence and clues in the case of William, including apparently inconsistencies/conflicting statements given by family members and witnesses. As a matter of fact, the inconsistent statements given by key individuals were among the reasons for the decision to meticulously review the information gathered so far.

This includes William’s fathers’, which states that he was only aware that William was missing after 15 minutes of driving. It raised questions as to why William’s brother did not inform his parents earlier that he was missing when it was reported that William had left the family car to look for his parents.

Yahaya Ramli confirmed the above when he said, “The lack of conclusive evidence from the post-mortem has compelled us to look for other clues especially at the place where he disappeared and where the body was found. All our resources are focused on probing every theory, including that he could have fallen into a storm drain or was killed and dumped into the river.”

Investigators are also retracing the steps of William before his body was found and re-recording the statements of his parents, his seven-year-old brother and other witnesses. (Source)

Locals who reside near the area in which William has been speculated to have fallen into a storm drain have also stepped forward to say that they do not believe that he could’ve wandered there. They commented that if William had fallen into the storm drain, his body would either have been seen or caught somewhere as the place was a popular fishing spot. Furthermore, the water there is quite shallow, only up to knee level.


William’s body would also have been caught by three garbage traps if it had floated downstream. (Source)


On 28th January 2013 (Monday), the remains of six-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong were cremated at the Malacca Memorial Park.

In a memorial service thick with sorrow and emotions, William’s grandmother, 68-year-old Chee Chou Moi was inconsolable. She had arrived when the funeral undertaker was already making arrangements for the coffin to be placed in the incinerator. Chee Chou Moi then wailed openly and repeatedly called out William’s name, asking to see him and hug him.

When met by reporters, she said that she didn’t know about the service as she wasn’t informed of the events leading to the cremation. William’s own grandmother had to find out about the cremation from the media:

[youtube id=”_mTQIMUGmMo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“I cannot sleep, my heart is not calm after news of my grandson’s disappearance broke out. It’s as if they (William’s parents) do not want me to see my grandson for the last time”, she said.



Earlier today, Subang Jaya OCPD Assistant Commissioner Yahaya Ramli confirmed that the police have exhausted resources in finding the truth but unfortunately there is no now evidence that might shed some light to what happened to William Yau.

Police have not found any suspects as well as evidence that might suggest foul play and there have been no evidence that proved that William was abused. They have since submitted the investigation papers to the DPP along with the proposal for an inquest.


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