Step aside, “Gangnam Style”. Us Malaysians have got our very own viral video now. Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, president of Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia (SW1M) has singlehandedly spawned several video spoofs of herself berating a law student.

The original video posted last week featured Sharifah Zohra hosting a “Are undergraduates and politics aligned?” university forum where law student, Bawani, stood up to voice her views on the Bersih electoral rally and free education. Clearly displeased with the vocal and critical Bawani, Sharifah Zohra told the student to “Listen!”.


Once, twice, thrice, and then about 11 times in total before taking the microphone away from Bawani to stop her from speaking further. Sharifah Zohra then responded, “Number one, when this is our programme, we allow you to speak. Number two, when I speak, you listen.”

But it all went downhill from there when she went on to say, “If you equate Malaysia to other countries, what are you doing in Malaysia? Go to Cuba, go to Argentina, go to Libya, go everywhere. Because you know what? All the students in this hall are happy with whatever the government does for them!”


[youtube id=”CflYB49Z6fo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Controversial artiste Namewee was the first to pick up on the now viral video, which was blasted across various social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. And we all know how fast that spreads. It inspired 29-year-old Namewee to pen a song of his own, inspired by and especially dedicated to Sharifah Zohra.

His video, simply titled, “Listen”, contains lyrics that go like this:

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen,

This is a democracy country.


I allow you to speak,

But when I speak, you must listen.

Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen.

Don’t compare our country with other countries.

If you want to compare, what are you doing in Malaysia?

But we can compare to the animals.

We should compare to the “kucing” (cats) in Cuba,

The “tikus” (mice) in Argentina,

Anjing  (dogs) di Malaysia,

Because the animal are happy with the government.

As of today, Namewee’s three-minute clip has generated over 635,000 views and 9,819 likes.  Haven’t seen it? Here you go:

[youtube id=”7Qcd6GkPM-k” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Since then, Sharifah Zohra has gone into hiding (as confirm by SW1M). When contacted by The Malaysian Insider, it was revealed that then people of SW1M (particularly a SW1M supreme council member and advisor) said that Sharifah Zohra was blackmailed and that it’s best for her to keep quiet because the issue has become quite serious. Sharifah Zohra has also been told to go to somewhere safe because she has children.


Meanwhile, SW1M isn’t the only party that has a Facebook page. The student in which Sharifah Zohra castigated, Bawani, also has one. And it appears that she has been rallying support via her page.

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