On January 4th, Taylor Swift left her love and her exotic Caribbean vacation behind. But she’s reportedly regretting her break up with One Direction’s Harry Styles. “She was a wreck and torn up”, a friend of Taylor’s tells Us Weekly. She also plans to seek forgiveness from him.

Huh? What’s goin’ on?

Taylor has sent Harry several text messages – but all in vain as he has refused to reply her. She also tried to call him but he neither answered any of her calls nor returned them. Ah, but who can blame Harry? The last thing he would’ve expected was being dumped so soon after he whisked her to the Caribbean Islands for a surprise Christmas gift.


Well surprise, surprise, now that Harry has no intentions of responding to her.

On 10th January, Taylor tweeted that she was back in the studio. “Uh oh”. Yes, “uh oh” indeed. Because we all know what happens when Taylor Swift gets her heart broken. Boomz! A hit single is created! Still, the question is, will they “ever, ever” be “getting back together”?


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