The previous collaboration between Samsung and Yuna was not only dynamic but inspired. The pair has joined forces once again through GALAXY Wonderland to aid Yuna on her journey to compose a new song and music video.

With the GALAXY Note II enhancing the creativity process, the local songbird’s excursion through the country will be guided by little wonders within Malaysia that are special to its people.


The submissions from Malaysians can be about the various aspects that make the country unique, from its many festivals to its sumptuous food or even a lesser-known historical site. These wonders of Malaysia will all come together to ultimately create the GALAXY Wonderland.

How people can share their ideas:

  1. Log on to GALAXY Wonderland.
  2. Upload a photo, write a text or sketch and design an illustration of anything about Malaysia that is close to their heart
  3. Click “submit” and log in to Facebook to share the idea of your personal wonderland.

Yuna will choose five selected stories as the main source of inspiration in composing her latest song and music video that will be produced solely with the GALAXY Note II. These five selected personal stories that inspired Yuna in her creative expression will be rewarded with a Samsung GALAXY Note II each.

Malaysians now have the opportunity to have a hand in Yuna’s creative journey! Share a personal story to not only leave a trace of inspiration within Yuna’s creative journey, but help build GALAXY Wonderland as a commemoration of Malaysia – as our home, and our wonderland.

Submissions to GALAXY Wonderland will close on 31st January 2013 (Thursday).

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