In 2010, South Korean boy group Teen Top debuted under T.O.P Media, which was founded by Andy Lee of Shinhwa (one of South Korea’s longest surviving groups). Teen Top consists of six members – C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. Although they were a new group, some of its members have actually previously had experience of being in the entertainment industry e.g. Ricky and Niel. Ricky debuted in Seo Taiji’s music video whereas Niel debuted through “Please”, a musical.

Teen Top’s debut album, “Come into the World” was released in July 2010. The music video for “Clap”, the title track off the album, which featured After School’s Lizzy earned them some recognition because of its unique concept. And when the group finally performed “Clap” live, netizens were duly impressed by the boys. As a matter of fact, that was how Teen Top earned their nickname, “Knife Choreography”.


In January 2012, Teen Top released “It’s”, their second mini album. “It’s” contains six tracks which were produced, composed, written, and mixed by Brave Brothers. A few hours before it was officially released, the album leaked to shareware sites, garnering over a thousand hits in only 10 minutes. By the time Teen Top released the music video for “Crazy” (their comeback song off “It’s”), fans were already deliriously overjoyed.

The fact that 4Minute’s Kwon Sohyun was featured in “Crazy” helped, of course:

[youtube id=”EKtxtDG2NkY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

A month later, Teen Top won their very first award on KBS Music Bank since their debut. Their success followed suit when they performing the closing stage on MBC Music Core, followed by their SBS Inkigayo win. On top of that, they is also currently in the running to bag the “Single Album of The Year” award for “It’s” at “Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur”!

Other facts about Teen Top as follows:

  1. When L.Joe was 12 years old, he moved to the US. He returned to South Korea to audition when he was 17.
  2. Changjo, the “maknae” of Teen Top once had the dream of becoming a bodyguard. He learnt both taekwondo and jeolkwondo.
  3. Niel, on the other hand, had the dream of becoming a soccer player. However, upon hearing Michael Jackson’s “Ben”, he aspired to become a singer.
  4. Niel once said that the colour of his eyebrows are so light that when he removes all his makeup, it looks like he has no eyebrows at all.
  5. Changjo said that having observed L.Joe, he’s beginning to slowly pick up songwriting.
  6. The boys of Teen Top once said that they used to get horrible nightmares when they lived in a one-room apartment. They believed that a ghost lived with them.
  7. Ricky’s remedies to handling stress is to take vitamins on a daily basis and to constantly keep in touch with his family.
  8. C.A.P was really into design and drawing until the day he discovered rap. Today, he prefers rapping over talking.

Here’s another fact: Teen Top is slated to make an appearance at “Samsung GALAXY The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur” (GDA).

To purchase tickets, hit up TicketPro or any of their participating outlets right now! Tickets to the event are available in three tiers, priced at RM999 (Samsung GALAXY Zone), RM688 (Rockpit), and RM199 (Hallyu Zone). We hear that tickets are going to go fast so hurry!


For more information, visit their official website.

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