Them girls be fine!


Somewhere In America sees these fierce and stylish Muslim women rule the urban landscape on skateboards, in high heels and in hijabs to the sounds of a Jay-Z soundtrack!


According to their Facebook page, these women who go by Mipsterz or Muslim Hipsters, described themselves as individuals who seeks inspiration from the Islamic tradition of divine scriptures, volumes of knowledge, mystical poets, bold prophets, inspirational politicians, esoteric Imams, and our fellow human beings searching for transcendental states of consciousness. A Mipster is an ironic identity, one that serves more as a perpetual critique of oneself and of society.

Dressing in style and turning heads wherever they go, Abbas Rattani and Habib Yazdi of Sheikh & Bake Productions released a video of these Mipsterz showing off who they are to the beat of a Jay-Z single. However, the video was not welcomed by everyone as it sparked a discussion about what it means to be an American Muslim woman.

Despite mix reactions, where some find the video problematic because of the fashion-forward women that star in the film, others are admiring and supporting it for its appealing beauty and portrayal of Muslim women as modest, cool and fun.

Check out the video here!


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