It’s clear who Austin Mahone would like to find standing under his mistletoe this year!


17-year old singer Austin Mahone admitted his older woman crush on the gorgeous 18-year old Kendall Jenner in an exclusive interview with E! Online. Kendall who stirred up quite the controversy  after she posted a sneak peak of her provocative photo shoot on her Instagram account was spotted having dinner with Harry Styles in West Hollywood before the American Music Awards 2013


“Nah, it isn’t broken. I was like, ‘Cool, whatever’.”, said the What About Love singer when asked if he was heart broken.

The pop singer then when on to describe his dream date with the beauty by saying, “I think I’m going to have to borrow Kanye’s private jet, fly her to Paris…and then have dinner on the tip-top of the — what do you call — Eiffel Tower! Have dinner on top of there and then…fly home.”

Apart from that, Austin also admitted that he’s had a crush on Kendall for more than seven months now, after first mentioning her name at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Austin and Kendall then met again during the American Music Awards this year, where they presented the Favourite Artist: Electronic Dance Music award to Avicii.

Austin can take me out on a date anytime, I’d say!

Here’s What About Love by Austin Mahone. Enjoy!


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