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As mentioned before, the girls from Sweden, Icon Pop will be making their way to Malaysia this November. Set to give revellers one hell of a night on November 29th, 2013 (Friday) at Club Neverland, Kuala Lumpur, these girls are first rose to internationally fame with their hit single I Love It!


Icona Pop made up of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt made a surprise appearance at the recent Asia’s Next Top Model Asia Season 2 launch. Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 will see the girls make an appearance as guest judges and will also be using Icona Pop’s hit single I Love It as its official soundtrack.

Hype.My spoke to the girls in an exclusive interview. Check it out!

Hi girls! How are you?

We’re good, thank you!

What was it like when you first heard I Love It on the radio and heard it go worldwide?

It was a very special time for us. We apparently had a lot of anger that we had to let out and so when we sang it, it was really from the bottom of our hearts and we started how big I Love It is when we started travelling, even here in Asia. It’s such an honour and a blessing to have people recognise us and our music.

You girls met at a party, so how did you decide to form a band and get into music?

It were both very down at the bottom. Aino was heartbroken and she was lying in bed for two weeks, nothing was working for me so I all did was throw parties. We have a mutual friend who told me (Caroline) about Aino and I told her to bring Aino to the party because she needed to have some fun. It was weird because we started to click immediately, we started talking, we decided we wanted to do music and the next day Aino came over to my place and we wrote our first song. It’s was very natural, very weird but very simple and pure. Because sometimes when you write, it’s kind of scary to write with new people because you’re kind of letting new people in but it was just simple with us. We click immediately and it’s like falling in love, when you know, you know.


Following up from your top single, I Love It, is so popular, are you nervous with upcoming tracks because this one has raised the bar so high?

We look at it as I Love It opened up a lot of doors for us. Before I Love It, we had an album full of a lot of good songs, at least that what we think so we are very proud of everything we release and we look to make a change in the pop industry.


How did Icona Pop get involved with Asia’s Next Top Model?

Well we got approached from FOX to join them. And we thought it was such an amazing thing for us, to combine it with a trip to Asia and to be part of a show that is international and huge. Music and fashion goes hand in and hand so it was a great opportunity for us and we are very happy to be able to work with FOX and Asia’s Next Top Model.

What song would you say is a very fashionable song?

Too funky by George Michael! That is a very fashionable song, not just the video but the groove as well.

You’ve got the showcase on Friday at Neverland, so are you excited?

Yes we do! And yes, we are very, very excited. We’re really looking forward to it.

What can fans expect from your showcase this Friday?

Well without revealing too much, a lot of energy. We always say that we have a show together with the audience so thats the most exciting thing when we travel to new places for the first time – to get to know the crowd and to see what kind of things we can do together.

What do you expect from the crowd on Friday?

This is our first time in Malaysia and we’ve been travelling around Asia for a bit, everything is so different, every culture is so different. But the one mutual thing we’ve noticed is that we really respect you if you’ve come over from Europe or anywhere across the globe. We feel very welcome and we feel very love, the respect for music here is great and we just hope our crowd would enjoy themselves and have a great party this weekend.

Thank you so much girls!

Catch Icona Pop at Club Neverland, Kuala Lumpur on November 29th, 2013 (Friday)

Here’s Girlfriend by Icona Pop. Enjoy!

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