Jay Park is Korea’s comeback king!

201104 앨범자켓 촬영현장 (43) (NXPowerLite)

American born Korean singer Jay Park first rose to fame as the leader of popular K-pop group 2PM in 2008. However, the Kpop sensation hit rock bottom and faced a public fall from the K-pop grace in 2009 and returned to Seattle after comments he wrote about Korea in 2005 as a teenager on his Myspace account were leaked by a hacker. Apart from 2PM, Jay Park is also a member of the b-boy group Art of Movement (AOM).


Not letting the controversy stop him, the charismatic and super hot K-pop star made his comeback in 2010 as a solo artist with the released his cover video of B.o.B‘s Nothin’ On You on his YouTube channel which spread like wildfire and recorded over 2 million views within the day. Following it’s popularity on YouTube, Warner Music Korea released a Jay Park version of the song that instantly topped the music charts in Korea.


Currently residing in Korea, Jay Park is set to be featured on the E! News Asia Special. The episode is set to deliver never-seen-before takes and gives fans an access into the life of Jay Park, who is also known as the Fresh Prince of Seoul who went from here to zero. Follow Jay on this journey as he reminisces about his humble beginnings from growing up in Seattle, moving to Korea to fulfil his dreams of being the next biggest pop star and his rise and fall from the 2009 scandal of him being ousted from leading popular Korean boy band, 2PM.

This E! News Asia Special also sees E! speaking to some of the most important people in the entertainment industry to get the full inside scoop of Jay’s comeback which sparked from him uploading a cover of Nothin’ On You on YouTube. With his charm, good looks, explosive dance moves and both his singing and rapping skill, it looks like there is no stopping this Korean bad boy!

Catch him on E! News Asia Special which will be premiering on December 3rd, 2013, Tuesday at 9.30pm only on E! Entertainment, Astro Channel 712. For more information visit E! on Facebook and share the hashtag #ESpecialJayPark for updates on other social media platforms.

Click play to watch Around The World by Jay Park and Mizz Nina!

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