CBS has confirmed that they are preparing a spin-off on popular series How I Met Your Mother.


The network has officially confirmed that the creators of How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas together with Emily Spivey, the creator of Up All Night are in the midst of developing the storyline for the new spin-off How I Met Your Dad.


Aimed to tell a similar story to its sister series from a feminine perspective, How I Met Your Dad  will focus on a mother telling her kids on the story of how their parents first met. The cast of How I Met Your Mother also fondly dubbed as HIMYM, will make way for a new group of New Yorkers who will take the places of Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall. Carter Bays also indicated on Twitter that the new cast will get together at a whole new bar rather than MacLaren’s.

He also said that the cast of the spin-off will not be introduced at the end of HIMYM but instead through cameos and surprise guest appearances on HIMYM.

How I Met Your Mother is set to end in May 2014 and the air date for How I Met Your Dad is yet to be announced.


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