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underdog sessions

Organised by Joshua Desmond, The Underdog Series is brought to you for one reason and one reason only – to provide local performers with a platform to showcase their materials. Aimed to give these local performers a venue to gain publicity and exposure, The Underdog Series is designed to help these local performers get recognition by audiences of a larger scale.


Joining in the effort to keep the local scene alive by providing musicians and performers with multiple platforms to showcase their talents, The Underdog Series is here to promote good local music regardless of genre. The event on November 21st, 2013 (Thursday) at Laundry Bar from 9.00pm onwards will be the inaugural episode of The Underdog Series.

Local acts that audiences will get to catch at the first ever Underdog Series includes +2dB, Reach For The Skies, Danger Disko, Red Ruby Avengers and Hype Sessions residents for the month of November, Seven Days Of Sunny June.

So if you’re a musician, a performer or just someone who enjoys good music, this one’s for you!

Be there or be square!

For more information on the event, visit their event page on Facebook.

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