“All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend”


Swedish girls Icona Pop first hit worldwide recognition and fame when their smash hit single I love it from debut album This Is…Icona Pop was released! The duo first met at a Stockholm dance-a-thon where Aino Jawo  who was going through a heartbreak met Caroline Hjelt and the two became friends instantly – a love at first sight kind of thing!


A creative fuse was lit as the two formed a friendship and they began scheming and dreaming of forming the best band ever. Together they started writing songs that you can both cry and laugh with and within a period of three years, the girls are now recognised worldwide for their catchy lyrics and upbeat tunes.

Prior to I love it, the girls released their EP Nights Like This which was ranked as 2011’s most promising debut by Rolling Stone and Pitchfork among others. However, it wasn’t until June 2012 that the girls reached public attention. Their hit single I love it, a rave-fueled track put Icona Pop on the radar of millions!


Upbeat, catchy and ridiculously addictive, the duo sings “I crashed my car into the bridge, I don’t care! I love it!” of the chorus of the track which has been the unofficial summer anthem for consecutive summers now. Reaching sales up to 2 million in the US alone, I Love It was instantly on the Top #5 hits upon its iTunes release. Following the release of I Love It, the girls have released a couple of other tracks titled Girlfriend, All Night and We Got The World to name a few.

Now dominating the pop culture scene, Icona Pop will be making their way to Club Neverland Kuala Lumpur on November 29th, 2013 (Friday) for a one night only showcase.

Be sure to catch them when they’re in town!


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