K-Pop idol Rain, who is currently serving in the military, has joined Cube Entertainment and will be labelmates with Beast, 4Minute, G.NA, among others. He has a special tie with the agency’s founder and CEO Hong Seung Sung, who was the president of JYP Entertainment during Rain’s early years in the entertainment industry.

Industry insiders view Rain’s decision to join Cube Entertainment as a big sign of loyalty.



On 28th May, CEO Hong Seung Sung wrote a long message on the company’s official website updating fans and the public about Rain’s addition to the company:

2013’s spring, Rain and Hong Seung Sung are standing here before a new start. Even though Rain had a lot of offers, he decided to join us because he wants to go back to his roots and he is more passionate than ever.

I remember May 2002, where we got to see world star Rain’s debut stage and I can’t hide the excitement just thinking about that spring. Afterwards, many beautiful springs have come to pass. He’s a singer, actor and producer and have set a lot of records as ‘the first.’ You’ll be able to witness the beginning of Rain’s second wave now, who doesn’t know limits and have shown his potential by becoming a world star entertainer.”

With that thought, I want to thank Rain for his loyalty despite receiving many offers from other places. Also, during his trainee years, he constantly aimed for ten years ahead, which resulted in today’s passionate Rain. I’m preparing every single day like a partner and friend. I promise that I will return your never ending love and support for Rain and make sure the company leaves a beautiful legacy. I will wholeheartedly and sincerely do my best as his partner. I will not avoid risky paths, but will be thankful that we can do this together.

Meanwhile, Rain will be discharged from active duty on 10th July 2013.


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