Chinese model-actress Lynn Xiong broke her silence over the end of her relationship with one of Hong Kong’s “Heavenly Kings”, superstar Aaron Kwok in an interview with Shanghai Morning Post published on Monday.

When asked if she had moved on from their seven- year relationship which ended mid-April, the 32-year-old hottie said:

It would seem so. Over the past few years, I’ve been living in others’ world. I think from now on I won’t force myself to do things I don’t want, so that I’ll be happy. It’s a new start for me now.


I don’t dare dream of marriage anymore. With dreams come disappointments.

Aaron Kwok Lynn Xiong

In a recent interview, Aaron also opened up about his views on relationships and shared the insights that helped him find peace through this difficult time. According to Aaron Kwok, dating the wrong woman is like wearing a pair of poorly-fitted shoes.

Currently promoting his new film, “Christmas Rose”, Aaron revealed that the movie drastically shifted his life perspective. Aaron was deeply affected by the moral struggles portrayed in the film and concluded that people should strive to remove themselves from unfavourable situations.

Aaron Kwok Lynn

Aaron provided an analogy to further illustrate his point, describing an unsuitable relationship as a pair of poorly-fitted shoes:

For example, when you are wearing a pair of poorly-fitted shoes, your feet would hurt all day. You would want to get a more comfortable pair since we have to walk everyday. This is similar to choosing your life partner. You should only wear suitable shoes so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. If you continue to force yourself into bad shoes, it will only cause your feet to bleed and the wounds will be difficult to heal. It may be better to look for another pair.

Uh, great analogy, Aaron?



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