Haha! Trust K-Pop idol boy group Super Junior to pull off such a hilarious stunt.

Yesterday, the boys returned to Korea after wrapping up their incredibly successful South American tour. While members of the media and fans back home eagerly awaited their arrival at Incheon airport, the boys got busy preparing a little surprise before stepping out. As most of you ELFs would know by now, Super Junior has always been pretty “notorious” for great fan service for their loyal followers. Hence, this special “event” that they so well planned.



Yup. The boys proudly stepped out into Incheon airport dressed up as superheroes! And not just any superheroes:

  1. Henry became Goku from “Dragon Ball Z”
  2. Kangin became Thor
  3. Eunhyuk became Wolverine from “X-Men”
  4. Shindong became the Incredible Hulk
  5. Siwon became Captain America
  6. Donghae became Iron Man
  7. Kyuhyun became Loki
  8. Ryeowook (we think?) became Spiderman
  9. Sungmin became Hua Yuanjia from Jet Li‘s “Fearless”

They even took time to pose in their individual characters’ poses for the cameras. The Super Junior boys then graciously thanked the people who were present for their continuous support before leaving Incheon airport.


Are they the best or what?

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to hear more news about Super Junior’s “Super Show 5” aka SS5 in Malaysia. Hang in there! We’ll update all y’all with information as soon as we know.


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