Foreign and local travellers interested to know more about medical care services in the country can head to the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) concierge and lounge at the KL International Airport (KLIA).

Located at the arrival hall, the Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Seri Dr Ali Hamsa said the one-stop-centre was a complete solution for all enquiries on getting medical care in Malaysia:

It is easily accessible not only to health travellers but also to Malaysians alike who wish to know which hospital to go to for treatment or procedures they require and who are the medical consultants they should see.


The setting up of the centre was timely as Malaysia was attracting more medical tourists, as local hospitals are providing value-for-money, high quality care and competitively priced treatments. Last year, we saw 671,000 healthcare travellers compared to 329,000 in 2010. This shows that there is a growing demand in healthcare tourism in Malaysia.

He added that the revenue generated through medical tourism last year was RM594 million, and the estimated target revenue for this year is RM630 million.

MHTC Concierge KLIA

MHTC chief executive officer Dr Mary Wong Lai Lin said the MHTC concierge (at Gate 5 at the KLIA arrival hall), has brochures on medical procedures and treatments available in Malaysia. She said visitors could also get information on available medical facilities, specialists as well as appointment arrangements at the concierge.

The MHTC lounge (at Gate 8 of the KLIA arrival hall), on the other hand, complements the concierge as it allows medical tourists to rest while awaiting transport or to arrange for pick-up services from medical providers.


There are 72 hospitals and healthcare facilities registered under the MHTC.


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