DMTN‘s Daniel and four others indicted by the prosecution regarding their various marijuana charges attended their first hearing in court today. The hearing took place on 30th April 2013 (Tuesday) at 10:50am, and Daniel is said to have admitted to all his charges with a solemn expression. It is also said that in addition to aiding in the distribution, the idol also admitted to smoking marijuana.

As he emerged after the hearing, he bowed his head as he said, “I’m sorry” to the press gathered outside. When someone asked, “Do you admit to all your charges?”, he responded, “Yes”, and left the scene with his agency staff and lawyers.

Four others who attended the hearing with Daniel include:

  1. An English academy teacher (aged 24)
  2. Son of a famous actor (aged 23)
  3. A makeup artist (aged 33)
  4. A former academy teacher (aged 21)

The other named celebrity involved, Bianca from “Global Talk Show – Chat With Beauties”, was not present at the hearing.

The six involved grew close because of their experience of attending school in the US, and have been accused of supplying, distributing, or using marijuana. They are accused of having continuously used marijuana with Daniel acting as the link in the marijuana supplying and introduction.

DMTN Daniel Marijuana

The English academy teacher supplied the marijuana to Daniel 15 times, which was then introduced to the others by Daniel, who acted as the link between the English academy teacher and the others involved.

The second hearing will take place during the first week of May.


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