Great news for Super Junior fans!

It seems that one of their members has big plans on rejoining the K-Pop idol boy group after he’s done serving the mandatory South Korean army time. Just yesterday, Kim Heechul’s side stated:

Kim Heechul will be discharged on 31st August and he expressed his strong desire to return to Super Junior. He’s currently preparing so that he’ll be able to stand on stage during Super Junior’s world tour after being discharged. There are four months left of his military service and for the remaining period he will practice the different choreographies during the evenings and weekends.


Kangin was the first member in Super Junior to be discharged in April 2012 and rejoined the group after three months of practice and transition. Kim Heechul will be a welcome addition to the group.


Currently, Leeteuk is in the military and Yesung will enter on 6th May. That leaves eight members who will participate in the world tour.

Meanwhile, Super Junior recently held its world tour “Super Show 5” in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. They’ve also confirmed that they will keep performing until the last member enlists, putting ELFs’ (as Super Junior fans are so lovingly called) minds at ease.


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