International superstar Psy and his latest single, “Gentleman” have snagged a Guinness world record for the most viewed video online in 24 hours – and it only needed to hit 38 million views to do that. Since its release about two weeks ago, “Gentleman” has racked up more than 255 million views compared with “Gangnam Style“, which now has been played a staggering 1.5 billion times.

“Gentleman” managed to acquire 100 million views in just four days, while it took “Gangnam Style” almost two months to reach the same threshold.

Psy Gentleman Music Video YouTube


But getting to where he is right now wasn’t easy!

For starters, “Gentleman” was painstakingly created by the South Korean artiste while he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Plus, one of South Korea’s major broadcasters actually banned the music video not long after it was released. And Psy recently found himself having to apologize for the content of the music video.

So, sure, one would think he can bask in the success of “Gentleman” now. Right?

PSY Gentleman KBS Ban

Not quite. Psy says he’s an a–hole:

Yeah, in that video, I’m an a–hole. Excuse my language, but I cannot say anything else, I’m an a–hole. But he keeps saying I’m a gentleman! When I am composing a song and making a video, I really love that kind of twist; if I make a video where I keep saying, “I’m a gentleman”, and you know, I’m being polite, that’s not going to be fun. I want a twist.

But sometimes the twist is too much. Like, after seeing the video, there are some things that are too much, like, farting, that’s too much, I know that. It’s nasty.

[youtube id=”ASO_zypdnsQ width=”600″ height=”350″]


But people buy it and love it anyway, Psy! We ain’t complaining, that’s fo sho.


Psy has released the behind-the-scenes video of the pandemonium that was the making of the “Gentleman” music video. It’s hilarious! Watch:

[youtube id=”NcUHOD_w_T0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Sources: TIME, MTV Asia.

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