Alright, peeps. You may stop guessing now. Teen pop sensation has confirmed that he’s in a relationship again. But not just with anyone.

The confirmation came when Justin Bieber posted up a picture of himself..and Selena Gomez hugging his bare torso while he worked on his laptop. He even captioned it, “You’ve been makin’ music for too long babe come cuddle me” – her“. Unless if he’s seeing Selena Gomez’s doppelganger, that girl in the picture is definitely her alright.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Instagram


And before you ask, no, this is one picture he didn’t almost immediately delete. So it wasn’t by “accident” and he certainly had no plans on hiding their getting back together.

Looks like things have turned around for Justin (and Selena). We’re happy for him! Let’s hope that every other aspect of his life starts looking up too.


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