Celebrating the impending arrival of its most advanced smartphone yet, Samsung Malaysia delighted people with spontaneous performances of its GALAXY S4 Ensemble at popular locations around Klang Valley such as The Curve, Publika, Pavilion, and Lot 10 last weekend!

You know what they say, that music is better than words, that more emotions can be expressed in a tune than a string of sentences put together. Made up of four singers and a string quarter, the S4 Ensemble performed uplifting numbers such as “Edge of Glory” and “Isn’t it Lovely” with strength and vigour to evoke a sense of gusto in the hearts of onlookers. We, too, were delighted by the ensemble’s surprise visit to our HQ just a few days ago.

How talented are these kids?:


[youtube id=”0OV60KLVR3E” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The coveted Android smartphone if Samsung’s first Full HD smartphone, and while the device has a large screen, its overall body is thinner, narrower, and lighter – an engineering feat in itself. The GALAXY S4 features are designed to offer you what matters most in life; enable true connections with friends and family; deliver and effortless user experience; and take care of your well-being. It is a Life Companion that brings people a richer, simpler, and fuller life.

Committed to creating new possibilities in people’s lives, Samsung Malaysia is set to launch GALAXY S4 to Malaysians through a consumer event, themed, “Journey to Discover Live Companion” on 27th April 2013 (Saturday). We’ll also be updating LIVE so follow us on Twitter (@HypeMY) and on Instagram (@HypeMY) for pictures and all that good stuff.

Samsung GALAXY S4

Yay, can’t wait!

For more information, visit their website.

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