Korean history’s most well-known royal concubine, Jang Huibin, is infamous for her ruthless pursuit of power. In fact, the Joseon dynasty femme fatale has been brought to life in nine different adaptations of her real life story which allege that she resorted to voodoo-like rituals to invoke death upon the reigning Queen Inhyeon and ill-treated her own son.

Yet, the most interesting adaptation with a truly unique perspective of Jang comes to us in this latest Korean drama series that is titled after the concubine’s birth name, Jang Ok Jung.



Jang Ok Jung sets itself apart from previous works by adapting the Korean novel “Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love” by Choi Jung Mi. It downplays the political intrigue surrounding Jang and tells the story of her gift for fashion design and cosmetics of her time, as she ascends from being a seamstress in the palace to the very top of the Korean court as the King’s love.

“Jang Ok Jung” premieres first and exclusively on ONE HD on 6th May 2013 (Monday) and will air every following Monday and Tuesday after at 8:55pm.

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