She’s known for her raucous behaviour and off the wall antics. So when her “Spice Girls” bandmate Mel C dared her to flash her Los Angeles neighbours and the singer isn’t one to back down to a challenge!

“Spice Girls” star Melanie Brown aka Mel B candidly wrote to her thousands of Twitter followers on Friday evening from the luxury of her Los Angeles abode, “Omg it’s sooo friggin hot outside feel like taking all my clothes off and busting out some hip hop moves”. The comment caused trouble as her page was then littered with requests from her fans to go ahead with her teasing comment.

But it raised a few eyebrows after she appeared to share a photograph of herself on Instagram, naked and mooning her neighbours:


Mel B Mooning Instagram

She then tweeted to her cheeky “Spice Girls” bandmates, “@GeriHalliwell @MelanieCmusic ok ladies ya both got your dares can’t wait!!!!! Hahahahahaha double triple dares”.

Oh, Mel. Some things don’t change.


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