Netizens are throwing scorn and insults at international artistes for performing in two star-studded pro-establishment events last night.

Among them are Ipoh-born international actress Michelle Yeoh, who attended a meet-the-people session with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in Port Klang, and Hong Kong cantopop singer Alan Tam, who had made an appearance at the 1Malaysia Charity Dinner in Penang.

Michelle Yeoh Najib Klang Dinner


At a mega-dinner in Klang yesterday, Michelle Yeoh, who was recently branded a “traitor” praised Najib’s leadership and urged the people to continue to support him. For this, netizens criticised her for only pretending to “fight oppressive governments” while playing as Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi in the film The Lady, but “fights the suffering people” when off camera.

Meanwhile, Malaysian-born and China-based singer Eric Moo was also  branded a “traitor” by netizens for saying he would return to Malaysia to perform at the charity dinner in Penang, but would not be returning to vote. However, after ending his performance, Eric Moo openly expressed hope that Malaysia would always have fair elections, which would in turn put in power a government that would serve peoples of all race and religions.

Alan Tam Hacken Lee

As for Alan Tam, he explained on his Facebook page that he did not have a full understanding of the 1Malaysia Charity Dinner beforehand, and an agreement has already been signed. However, he pledged that his group will take the episode as a lesson:

In the past few days, everyone has communicated their analysis, their thoughts, their advice, their understanding, and even their anger to us; we are aware of this and thank you for this valuable lesson. I don’t blame my colleagues; they are just doing their jobs. I will pass on your opinions to my colleagues, bring them on a study trip to Penang, and let them learn from the experience.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong artiste Gigi Leung and Taiwanese band Mayday earned praises from netizens when they cancelled their appearances at the charity dinner.

Gigi Leung Facebook

Gigi Leung’s Facebook page posting stated that she had to cancel the performance due to “personal reasons” had more than 23,000 “Likes” and almost 6,000 comments, while Mayday fans on Facebook invited the group to perform in Malaysia after a regime change.



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