Lenovo has announced two new smartphones, the IdeaPhone S890 and P770, designed for trendy individuals and young professionals respectively. The newly introduced line of smartphones features two new models which were showcased for the first time at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas earlier this year and are available now in Malaysia.

The new S Series smartphone comes packed with multimedia and entertainment features. This model is designed especially for youths, with special attention paid to the style, design and optimization for apps favored by these users. The P Series caters to the needs of the urban professionals and possesses long battery life, special security and anti-virus features. These smartphones feature dual-SIM slots, larger and higher resolution displays and enhanced specifications.

S890: Optimized for Entertainment


Lenovo IdeaPhone S890_1

Young consumers, especially those of the “digital native” generation, have high demands when it comes to the latest devices. For these users, not only do these devices need to offer the latest technology and strong performance, but they must look good as well. The S890 excels on all these fronts. The phone sports a 5.0” 960×540 qHD screen, for crisper images, and larger viewing area to share videos and hi-definition photos with friends. An 8MP auto-flash camera, complemented by Lenovo super camera software, takes photos in low light, allows complex photo-editing and users are able to convert photos into a video format easily.

All of these functions are packed into a super-slim (9.3mm) and lightweight (176g) package, sporting a uniquely elegant “loop” design that makes the product feel thinner and sexier. The IdeaPhone S890 is available now starting at RM839.00

P770: Professional Business Device

Lenovo IdeaPhone P770_1

Professionals demand more from their smartphones: more talk time, security, reliability and options. The IdeaPhone P770 perfectly complements today’s connected and frequently traveling global executives. Sporting a 3500mAh battery with enhanced power management software, the P770 delivers up to 30 hours talk time between charges, while a unique, “genuine battery detection” function ensures P770 users get the most from their phone.

In addition, with Dual SIM capabilities, it allows users to move seamlessly across networks wherever their job may take them whilst with USB on-the-go, the P770 can even serve as a charger for other devices. In fact, sharing files is made easy and data security is ensured through its native anti-virus software. The IdeaPhone P770 is available now starting at RM739.

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