A memorial exhibition on the late Leslie Cheung (one of three to be held in Hong Kong) opened last Friday. Held to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Leslie Cheung, who leapt to his death from Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong on 1st April 2003, the “Miss You Much Leslie” exhibition was unveiled at the Times Square and will run until 1st May 2013.

At the opening ceremony, a Guinness World Record was set. Leslie Cheung’s aka Gor Gor’s fans folded and collected more than one million paper cranes for the “Miss You Much Leslie” exhibition. The original goal was 1,956,912 to signify his birthday, 12th September 1956. However, during the opening ceremony, an examiner confirmed that the amount has netted 1,900,119 origami cranes.

Leslie Cheung Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition (1)


Leslie Cheung Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition (5)

The event will run until 1st May and continues to accept origami cranes in order to reach the figure. The examiner will examine again to confirm the new record.

From Malaysia alone, Selangor-based Mah Lai Ling (administrator-cum-moderator for a Leslie Cheung Malaysian fan page) confirmed that at least 3,000 paper cranes were delivered to Hong Kong from fans all over Malaysia. The 42-year-old also led an entourage of 15 to Hong Kong for the “Miss You Much Leslie” tribute concert.

The “Miss You Much Leslie” exhibition also featured designs and themes inspired from Leslie Cheung’s music, stage, and movies, with red as its primary colour.  There’s also a five-metre-high sculpture of the late artiste and a giant origami crane in the palm of his hand.

Leslie Cheung Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition (4)

Leslie Cheung Miss You Much Leslie Exhibition (2)

Upon the arrival of the originally veiled Leslie Cheung sculpture, some fans who were present broke down in tears as it was a surprise for all who loved him.

The venue also included a “Leslie’s Café” on the second floor as opening a coffee shop was once his dream. Leslie once promised his fans that the ticket stub from his “Final Encounter” concert would someday be good for a cup of coffee at his “future” coffee shop. Hence, “Leslie’s Café” fulfilled that promise as the stub from that show would be good for a free cup of coffee.


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Sources: Xin Hua, The Star, HK Top Ten.

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