In 2009, the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson died from an overdose of Propofol, a powerful sedative administered by his doctor, Conrad Murray. Michael was only 50 years old. Following which, in 2011, Conrad Murray was jailed after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, for giving Michael an overdose of Propofol.

But Conrad’s fight ain’t over yet.

Michael Jackson Katherine Jackson


News are now reporting that Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson, is seeking billions of dollars from tour promoter AEG Live over her son’s 2009 death. The trial will finally get underway in Los Angeles this month with Katherine accusing AEG Live of negligently hiring doctor Conrad Murray to look after her son as he prepared for a “doomed” series of London shows.

She also claims that AEG Live pushed Michael Jackson too hard in preparation for the shows, leading to his chronic insomnia, which eventually resulted in Propofol administration.

Conrad Murray

If this follows through, the trial could last more than two months and Conrad Murray may be called from prison to give a deposition, but only with the jury out of the courtroom. Although, Conrad apparently can invoke his Fifth Amendment right to decline to testify in case it might incriminate him further.

This is of course coming after the bizarre incident in which 82-year-old Katherine was allegedly kidnapped by family members and taken to Arizona last year.

Katherine Jackson Michael Jackson

Gosh. When will this ever end? What would Michael think, really?


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