So, it seems that Google have saved us the trouble of looking for elusive rainbows. The company is asking millions of users to hunt for buried treasure using a new pirate-style “treasure mode” on its maps.

According to Mike Pegg (Google’s marketing manager):

The map is rumoured to contain the clues to Captain Kidd’s long lost treasure, however the map contains encrypted symbols and codes and is not readily decipherable.


Therefore, we’re introducing treasure mode on Google Maps and inviting the whole world to come together in the search for clues.

They even posted a video on YouTube explaining how Street View’s “underwater team” discovered a chest containing lost maps belonging to a certain pirate William “Captain” Kidd during an expedition to the Indian Ocean. The video explains how hidden treasure symbols can be unearthed on the maps, which have been digitised by a special 3D nanoscanner.

If you haven’t seen it, here:

[youtube id=”_qFFHC0eIUc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Let’s go treasure hunting already!

Also, happy April Fools’ Day, people.


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