Remember a times when phones were less smart but also much simpler? Ah, the good old days of the hardy brick-sized Nokia cellphones, and the flip ones, and the ones with antennas. What? Antennas? Yes, antennas.

And the awesome news is that DiGi is bringing these “vintage” phones back!

DiGi Nokia 3310 Motorola StarTAC DigiEricsson DiGi


Who wouldn’t love the Nokia 3310 with interchangeable covers, really? And who needs Candy Crush when you’ve got the awesome snake game? Plus, you can’t possibly say no to the Motorola StarTAC, can you? Not if it “looks cool when you answer calls”!

Don’t even get us started on the Ericsson SH888 – 104 hours standby, gosh! We’ll never have to constantly charge our phones ever again. Right? Because it’ll never, ever, ever die on us. Especially not on April Fools’ Day.

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