Oh no, he’s gone.

19th March 2013 finally came, and YG Entertainment’s Se7en (real name Choi Dong Wook) has now officially enlisted in the military. Although he had originally told his fans to stay home, hundreds of loyal, loving fans from Korea and Japan still gathered anyway to show their support as they tearfully bid their idol farewell – he’ll be gone from the limelight for the next two years.

Choi Dong Wook Se7en Military


Many of these fans had expected to see the other YG Entertainment artistes e.g. Gummy, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi, etc. and also, Se7en’s longtime girlfriend, Park Han Byul at the press event. However, they were all not present due to worries about potentially causing safety problems should masses of fans turn up. Se7en later explained that Park Han Byul had a filming schedule and therefore was unable to make it there.

Before he left, Se7en shared:

I am very sorry that I have to enlist at such a late age. During my days in the military, I will do my best as the soldier Choi Dong Wook.

Not long ago, Yoo Seung Ho secretly enlisted and I thought that was very cool of him to do, so compared to him, I feel like I’m creating a big fuss, and I feel apologetic about that. I will do my best and return. I am about to part from my close colleagues and fans whom I will miss a lot.

Se7en will officially start his post as an active-duty soldier at the Uijeongbu 306 Reserve. Se7en, fighting!


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