We last saw these K-Pop idol girls at the “Samsung The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur” in January, 2013. Since then, 4Minute has gone on to team up with Samsung to showcase the brand’s La’Fleur Collection, a special range of smart devices designed to fit and enrich the lives of women. Which is, in our honest opinion, pretty befitting for the girls since it embodies the unique personalities of every member of 4Minute.

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia, 4Minute has given us an exclusive peep into their lives, both on and off stage in this exclusive interview:

What is 4minute’s moment of great happiness so far?


“It is definitely the day when we made our debut. Till this day, we can still feel the excitement as well as the fear when we first started as a group.”

Where is your favourite place to hang out as a group?

“There is a place in Seoul called the Cube Entertainment Café. On the second floor, there is a choreography room where we can practice our dance routines and do our vocal training. It is a place that we visit whenever we can!”

4Minute La'Fleur Samsung

What do you girls do to keep in good shape?

“We’re pretty lucky that we have choreography practice every day, and through this, we get to stay in shape as we’re dancing every day. Sometimes, when we’re really busy on tour, we’re actually worried about losing too much weight!’

Where do you find your inspiration that you channel through your music?

“We get inspiration from watching movies and music videos from foreign artistes. We also love to read foreign magazines to keep in touch with the latest styles.”


Which countries in South-East Asia have you visited before? Can you identify any landmarks or favourite food from these countries?

“We have visited most countries in South-East Asia. That said, we’re always visiting countries in a performance-capacity so we do not have much time to be tourists and visit many landmarks. In most cases, we only have enough time on tour to stay in the hotel or the theatre before our performances. Nevertheless, we always make it a point to try the traditional cuisine of each country we visit – but we’ve forgotten the names as we’ve tasted too many delicious dishes to remember.”

4Minute Samsung La'Fleur Collection

Which countries do you love to visit just to relax?

“During winter in Korea, we love to go to South-East Asian countries where the weather is still warm. In spring or autumn, we love to travel within Korea as it’s a beautiful time to do so. When it is summer time, take us to Europe!”

Which Samsung phone is your favourite model? Why?

“Of course, we love the La’Fleur collection. Some of us are using La’Fleur’s GALAXY S III mini and what we like about it is that it relates to us in terms of design and applications. It’s not just a new mobile case, but it is a mobile device that comes designed for women. Its flower pattern is just soooo beautiful and lovely!”

Samsung La'Fleur Collection GALAXY S III Mini

Do you have any favourite mobile apps?

“Since we are all ladies, we love the Modiface make-up application available on the La’Fleur Collection. It’s pretty fun as we can be creative and see which look fits us best! We also love the Calorie Counter app, as we get to watch our diet while on the road.”

Do you have any messages for Malaysians?

“First, we’d like to apologise to our fans because we cannot see you guys as often as we get to see our fans in Korea. Despite that, we are very happy to have your support and we look forward to your cheers when we take the stage sometime soon. We wish you all a wonderful 2013 that is full of joy. We will do our best to come up with songs that you love. Thank you!”

[youtube id=”WKfh1bPoakY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For more information on Samsung’s La’Fleur Collection, click!

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