In December 2013, the news of a physiotherapy student who was brutally raped in New Delhi shook the world. Even more so when she finally succumbed to multiple injuries and died in a Singapore hospital – it sparked an outrage worldwide and raised protests across the nation.

The six men involved with the gruesome incident were then arrested and have has their names released. They are:

  1. Ram Singh, the bus driver, 33 years old
  2. Mukesh Singh, the bus driver’s brother, 26 years old
  3. Akshay Thakur, a bus washer, 24 years old
  4. Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor, 20 years old
  5. Pavan Gupta, a fruit seller, 19 years old
  6. Muhammad Afroz aka Raju, the 17 years and eight months old minor

All six denied the charges.


Indian Men Charged With Rape Murder

Just today, one of the six men, believed to be the mastermind/”leader” behind the abduction, rape, and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey has been found dead in prison. The website of Indian news channel NDTV, quoting jail officials, said that Ram Singh has apparently hanged himself at Tihar Jail, Delhi, around 5am local time today. As of time of writing, there are no other suspicions surrounding his death and it hasn’t been considered as foul play.


Ram Singh’s family has stepped forward to rebut the news that their son, accused of the New Delhi gang-rape that shook the world, committed suicide. This is despite the fact that the officials at the maximum-security Tihar Prison in the Indian capital said that 34-year-old Ram Singh had hanged himself with a makeshift noose.

His parents insisted there was no way their son could’ve committed suicide and he had told them his life was in danger. Ram’s lawyer, too, said the death should be treated as murder.

Ram Singh

Victim Jotyi Singh Pandey’s father, on the other hand, reportedly told AFP it was clear authorities had been negligent in handling the case which shook the world. He said, “We don’t understand how the police could fail to protect Ram Singh. They knew he was the prime accused. How could they let him choose the way he wanted to die?”

More to come as the story unfolds.



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