Part endurance test and part travelogue, “Driven to Extremes” sees Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody, British actor, Tom Hardy, and action hero, Henry Cavill take on the harshest terrains together with former Finnish Formula One driver, Mika Salo, and former British and world superbike champion, Neil Hodgson.

From a plummeting minus 50 degrees Celsius in freezing Russia, to over 50 degrees Celsius in sweltering China and the exceptionally wet Malaysian jungle at the height of the monsoon season, “Driven to Extremes” will push these celebrity petrol heads and their cars, to the limit. Catch all the action, highs and lows on the following episodes of “Driven to Extremes”:




Hollywood celebrity, Tom Hardy, and former Finnish Formula One driver, Mika Salo, drive from Yakutsk, the coldest city on Earth, to Oymyakon, where temperatures have been recorded at minus 70 degrees Celsius. The only way to travel by car is along the 1,260-mile Kolyma Highway, known as the Road of Bones. Built by Gulag prisoners from the Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, this frost-covered track is only passable in winter when the rivers are frozen over. Drivers need follow only one rule: do not turn off your engine as it might never start again.


Episode: China

Action hero actor Henry Cavill, star of the new Superman film ‘Man of Steel,’ and world superbike champion, Neil Hodgson, take on the Taklamakan Desert, northwestern China.  Summer temperatures are a staggering 50 degrees Celsius. The duo must cross 470 miles of the largest shifting sand desert in the world, from Hami to Urmqi, where water is as scarce as life. One mistake and you will be stranded; one misjudgment of speed and the car rolls; among the scorching dunes, there is no rescue.



Academy Award-winning, Adrien Brody, and former Finnish Formula One driver, Mika Salo, take on one of the roughest jungle trails in the world, at the height of the monsoon season. They attempt to cross the 16-mile Ulu Sedili trail, northeast Johor, where countless dangers await in the feral undergrowth and rivers, before a 124-mile drive to the village of Kampong Peta. Locals know that the route destroys gears boxes, rips out radiators and tears apart tires, but the real danger is the weather. During the monsoon season, rain showers can turn into deadly flash floods within minutes.


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Be prepared to get “Driven to Extremes” every Wednesday at 8pm (2000 hrs) SIN/HK, starting 13th March 2013 (Wednesday). Encores every Thursday at 3pm (1500 hrs) on Discovery (Astro Channel 551).

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