Fitness First Malaysia, the world’s largest privately owned health club group, today announces the official start of International Fitness Week 2013, a global initiative to raise awareness of the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

This worldwide movement runs from the 11th to the 17th of March 2013 and encompasses a week-long calendar of activities that is aimed at educating and encouraging Malaysians to get moving and kick start their health and fitness regime.

couch potato


In July 2012, a study conducted by World Health Organisation published by The Lancet showed that 61.4% of Malaysians above 15 years old are physically inactive making Malaysia the 10th laziest country in the world and the laziest in ASEAN. In Indonesia, only 29.8 percent of the people are inactive while for Philippines it’s only 23.7 percent. Meanwhile, our neighbour, Thailand is leading a much more active lifestyle with only 19.2 percent of its population being physically inactive.

In conjunction with International Fitness Week 2013, Fitness First Malaysia has an exciting line-up of activities for members and non-members alike, ranging from your very own fitness assessment to FreestyleTM Training sessions.


It’s time to evaluate your current health and fitness status and take the next step towards becoming the new, fitter you.

For more information, visit the International Fitness Week’s website or hit up Fitness Fist Malaysia’s website.

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