Just last month, Perez Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira Jr. was sported shopping for baby clothes. At that time, nobody made a big deal out of the sighting because, let’s face, it, only Perez would’ve done that if say, he spotted a celebrity doing what he was doing. So he got away with it all fine and dandy.

Earlier today, the owner of the celebrity gossip blog made a surprise announcement that he has become a proud father to a baby boy! Yup. Perez even accompanied the news with a picture of himself cradling the baby lovingly:

Perez Hilton Baby



He went on to thank his readers (something he hardly does), sounding all mature and dare we say, very un-Perez-like. Still, it surprised most of his readers and even some celebrities as they took to Twitter to congratulate him. Including the likes of Paris Hilton, Kevin Jonas, Michelle Trachtenberg, Christina Perri, Carson Daly, etc.

What, you don’t believe us? Here:

BSB Dita von Teese Perez Hilton Michelle Trachtenberg Carson Daly Perez Hilton Paris Hilton Christina Perri Kevin Jonas Perez Hilton

And here’s the thing though, Perez has made no mention where the tiny tot came from. We’re pretty sure it didn’t come from a stork, as much as we’d like to believe so.

Hence, our question is, who’s the Mama, Perez?

Sources: Daily Mail, Perez Hilton, Los Angeles Times.

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